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If you are a manager looking for new ways to increase the creativity of your staff, then this post is for you!

If you are a manager looking for new ways to increase the creativity of your staff, then this post is for you!If you are a manager looking for new ways to increase the creativity of your staff, then this post is for you!

At an organisation, all creative roads lead back to staff. It is the people within a company that drives the growth, maturity, and improvements of the organisation.

If you are a manager looking for new ways to increase the creativity of your staff, then this post is for you!

Innovolo uses four amazing techniques when we work with other businesses to help them boost the creative potential of their organisation. With the following three strategies, you can equip your staff with the tools and the mindset to deliver quality creative ingredients to your potent business recipe, every day.

Communicate your plan

Do you want your staff to actively engage in creative activities?

Do you want your staff, while they have a spare moment, to talk to one another and come up with new ways of doing things around the office?

Do you want staff to solve problems in unique ways and to contribute to the solution?

If you answered “Yes! Obviously!” to any of these questions, then it might also be a good time to take stock of your own communication methods. Are your staff aware of this creative intent? As a leader, you have to define the goal accurately and concisely or else the staff will not have any clue as to what you are going on about when you describe your vision for a “creative organisation” that “stays on the leading edge”.

Here are a few things that you can elaborate on if you have not already done so:

  • How can your processes or projects be completed by a certain time?
  • How can your teams increase their sales?
  • How can you restructure certain departments to improve efficiency?
  • What kind of “efficiencies” do you seek?

When answering these planning and performance questions, the more specific, the better. Goals that are specific are also more achievable because it is clear to staff what to work on.

Once the plan and the vision for creativity are in place, you have to follow through with check-ins. A great manager is one that verifies the progress of initiatives tucked away throughout the entire organisation. You need to double back and check whether your staff have the resources to complete the project. You also need to check whether there are any insurmountable challenges that you can help clear. As a manager, clearing “roadblocks” that crop up in projects is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your staff.

Ultimately, you cannot expect the best out of your staff if you do not define your plan for the creative output of the organisation.

Freedom can be powerful

Earlier, we said that great managers check in on their employees. While true, you mostly have to find an ideal balance between oversight and freedom. Such a balance will vary by workplace culture and the personalities of the staff. Ideally, you will be present enough to know of any major achievements or roadblocks to a project, but absent enough so that your employees do not feel you breathing down their necks.

A little freedom can go a long way to empowering your staff and improving the creative outputs of your organisation. For instance, try to give employees the general parameters of what you are looking for in project work, then allowing them to create the scope and research the solutions for the initiative.

Carefully consider team chemistry

For most projects at an organisation, teamwork is essential. As a great manager, you act as the puppet master, so to speak, that connects different people who work well together. To do so, you must consider team chemistry when you hire new staff and when putting together colleagues for a project team.

Finding the right mix can be a delicate project in itself, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences for a new manager when their human resourcing strategy pays off and they see new creative outputs from their teams.

Empower your staff

A good manager equips his or her staff with the right tools and resources to succeed in their project work. However, a great manager also empowers the staff through praise, appreciation, and by showing an interest in their work.

When it comes to praise, the more specific the better.

If your first instinct is to say “no” or to criticise a new idea, then you run the risk of killing innovation. Even if you share a creative difference with a staff member, starting the dialogue with a compliment, rather than a negative thought, can do wonders for the constructive influence you have over your staff.

The roadmap to success

Your staff will excel if you foster the right environment for them to succeed. This is true when you plan for successful innovation and give your staff the freedom to attain new heights. It is also true when you balance solid team chemistry with an adequate amount of appreciation for the work of your teams.

By putting it all together, you can create a working environment where creative output happens more naturally for your staff. A great manager will balance these four powerful techniques to spark incredible new innovations at a company.

Looking for more?

…Reach out to us and we will connect you with an Innovolo expert who can unlock the creative abilities of your staff. We also offer quality mentorship and management coaching services to help build competencies that enable strong relationships with staff members.

We would love to share even more incredible techniques with you to do all this (and more)! It all starts with a free consultation call.

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