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No, Clean Pig is a pipeline robot designed to clean and test the pipes without any chemicals.

No, Clean Pig is a pipeline robot designed to clean and test the pipes without any chemicals.No, Clean Pig is a pipeline robot designed to clean and test the pipes without any chemicals.

At first glance, Clean Pig might appear to be just another quirky startup with an amusing name. But as anyone who works in water infrastructure will tell you, this robot is much more than a cute mascot. Designed to clean and test pipelines without any chemicals or other hazardous substances, Clean Pig revolutionises how we clean and maintain our water systems.

With its flexible design and customisable attachments, Clean Pig can efficiently perform all three stages of pipeline cleaning: jetting for large particles, screening for smaller particles, and flaw analysis for detecting cracks and other signs of damage. And because it uses only minimal amounts of water for flushing and pressurisation (eliminating the use of chemicals), it is also gentle on pipes and environment-friendly.

Clean Pig is truly a game-changer in water testing and cleaning, making everyone's life that little bit easier while keeping our water supply safe and secure. Don't be fooled by the name. This robot is worth the attention!

So, where did Clean Pig get its name?

Pipeline pigging utilises inspection gauges or gadgets, generally known as pigs or scrapers, in pipeline transportation to conduct various upkeep tasks; this is performed without interrupting the product's flow in the pipeline. While this may sound like a surprisingly dull activity, it is essential for maintaining the efficiency of pipelines. Pigs are specifically designed to remove debris and build-up from the inner walls of pipelines, and engineers can also use them to test for leaks. In addition, pigs are sometimes equipped with sensors to detect changes in pressure or flow rates.

Pipeline maintenance is a tedious but necessary process to ensure our nation's pipelines' continued safe and efficient operation. The most common form of pipeline maintenance is cleaning and inspecting the pipeline. This process is typically accomplished by inserting a pig into a "pig launcher" (or "launching station"). Pigs are specially designed devices that travel through the pipeline, performing various cleaning, measuring, and detecting anomalies. While pigs are an essential part of pipeline maintenance, they are not without their flaws. For example, pigs are sometimes unable to pass through tight bends in the pipeline, necessitating specialised equipment known as "hystereses." In addition, pigs can become stuck in the pipeline, requiring "pig traps" to retrieve them. Despite these challenges, pigs remain an essential part of maintaining our nation's pipelines.

When it comes to cleaning out pipelines, nothing compares to a clean pig. Known in the pipeline industry as an "intelligent pig" due to its ability to navigate even the most complex networks of pipes, this little critter is a marvel of modern engineering. With built-in sensors that allow it to measure pressure and flow speeds and pick up on signs of leaks, corrosion and other common problems in pipelines, the clean Pig is constantly collecting data about the health of your pipeline system.

At the launching station, where the Pig is inserted into the pipeline for its journey, operators seal off all other ports except that which leads directly to the release valve. Once that valve opens and releases the pressure-driven product flow down the pipeline, the clean Pig starts picking up speed down those miles and miles of pipes. If any dirt or debris is clogging up your system along the way, rest assured that this clever little creature can sense it right away and take appropriate measures to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of using Clean Pig?

There are many benefits to using Clean Pig for pipeline cleaning and disinfection. As this innovative technology moves through a pipeline, it automatically cleans the pipe, stops at joints to test the pressure, and sterilises with UV lamps; this makes it highly efficient and cost-effective, requiring only a tiny amount of water and no harsh chemicals that would need to be flushed out before use.

Clean Pig is truly a game-changing solution for pipeline maintenance and management with its advanced capabilities. Whether your pipeline is large or small, industrial or commercial, Clean Pig has the power to keep it running smoothly and effectively.

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