To make innovation part of your everyday routine, you need to be a constant source of excitement and inspiration.

You should always lead your teams to new heights by encouraging your vision and influencing others to believe in your cause. To be a good problem solver, you also need to be an innovation leader.

As a leader in innovation, you want to be ahead of everyone else. That means you can pull them along to your cause and help them believe that anything is possible when it comes to new product ideas or managing projects.

To do this, practice your own self-belief during your day-to-day interactions. Cast doubt aside and never stop thinking about what is “next”. Then, be persuasive in how you get others to join your cause. Eventually, you’ll notice that you are surrounded by innovation in your everyday processes and interpersonal interactions.

One of the most powerful ways to develop persuasive innovation skills is to become a thought leader in your field. It’s one of the tenets of Innovolo’s systematised creativity methodology. Whether your sphere of influence is around the office or around the industry, part of what makes new ideas so appealing, at times, is who they come from.

So keep that in mind as you develop your persuasive and creative abilities: how can you demonstrate yourself to the world around you in the most impactful way? Always be on the lookout for ways that you can build a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy “brand” of new innovations and ideas.

Your reputation will serve you well when it comes to persuading others in your field to join your cause or contribute their ideas.

One of the most powerful ways to develop persuasive innovation skills is to become a thought leader in your field.

And don’t forget about yourself. Once you have mastered the art of thinking ahead, forward-thinking ideas will come to you naturally. And that means inspiring yourself every day with your very own innovative goal.

As a thought leader in your field, you already have the answer to this question right in front of you. The issue is not about getting an idea for what you should do next; it’s just about getting started on whatever it is you want to do. The real key is propelling yourself forward, one day at a time.

Stay focused on getting the ball rolling and eventually you’ll find that your new ideas will become second nature. You’ll build up your reputation by sharing your latest thoughts with your colleagues who, in turn, will share their thoughts with you.

Eventually, your collaborative network will become an endless stream of new ideas that will give you the power to lead everyone on a path to innovation success.

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