"Intellectual property" is a term for belongings that you have created or designed.

"Intellectual property" is a term for belongings that you have created or designed."Intellectual property" is a term for belongings that you have created or designed.

"Intellectual property" is a term for belongings that you have created or designed.

These belongs could include inventions, literary and other creative or artistic works. Intellectual property (IP) also extends to any confidential information which is technical or commercial.

Why is intellectual property important?

Often new businesses' success hinges upon new ideas, creations or inventions.  These are all types of intellectual property.  All companies also have confidential information, which is technical or commercial. Intellectual property is highly valuable and is a core asset of your company.

You need to understand your IP rights so that you can:

  • protect what belongs to you
  • legally prevent others from using your IP
  • use, licence and assign ownership of your IP to other people
  • avoid infringing other people’s IP (i.e. copying their stuff by mistake)
  • show potential investors (or buyers) that you've protected your business-critical IP before they invest

To transfer ownership of certain IP rights to another business, you can use an assignment of intellectual property agreement. This will ensure that the rights are accurately identified and assigned. To licence rights to use your intellectual property you will need to issue an intellectual property licence.

What are the four main types of intellectual property?

1. Trademarks

Trademarks are used to signify that something is special. That’s why we have slogans like “Just Do It,” “i'm lovin' it,” or even “Think Different.”

Trademarks come in many different forms, the most common being logos and words and slogans.

2. Patents

A patent protects your inventions so that no one else can copy, manufacture, sell, or import without your express permission for up to 20 years. The new inventions must be original, involve an inventive step and be capable of industrial application.

3. Design rights

Design rights protect how a product looks and prevent others from copying it. Unregistered rights automatically arise on the creation of the product and providing the design is new and original you can apply to register the design at the Intellectual Property Office.

4. Copyright

Copyright protects physical, tangible creative works, such as novels, art, music and maps. There's no need to register the copyright, and it can last up to 70 years after the death of the creator.

How to protect your ideas

Protecting valuable and sensitive information should be a priority for any business.

You should think about signing a legally binding confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement (or "NDA") before sharing confidential information with anyone else.  Remember you may also have certain obligations to protect confidential information under the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").

You can either use a one-way confidentiality agreement if only one business is sharing information or a standard two-way NDA if two firms are sharing information.

If an employee creates works embodying intellectual property rights during their employment, those rights will vest in the employer, unless there is an agreement to the contrary. In such an event, the employee’s Employment Contract should be considered, as there are usually rules detailing how intellectual property is to be handled.

If someone uses your IP without asking you?

If someone uses your IP without permission, a cease and desist letter will inform the person that they are using your IP without consent and ask them to stop and refrain from using it in future.

So how can Innovolo help?

Building your IP portfolio is time-consuming and costly.
We accelerate the creation of your intellectual property portfolio by providing expert guidance throughout the entire process.
If you have an idea or invention, let us help you take it from concept to creation. It’s fast and easy. And we handle all the complex details so you don’t have to.

And then keeping track of your IP portfolio once you've built it is costly and complex.
Innovolo does the work for you. We are the middle man between you and all the patent research agencies so you remain in control of your IP portfolio.
Reach out to us to discover how having an accurate, up-to-date IP portfolio can help reduce operating costs and ensure compliance with global regulations.

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