1 out of 5 products fails to meet the customer expectations

280 Group Challenges in Product Management Survey Results

A new product launch is always a crucial moment for a company. It can make or break a brand and determine whether a product is successful or not. Given the stakes, it's no surprise that so many products fail to meet customer expectations. Studies show that only one out of five products meets customer expectations. A well-performing product manager, a great product vision, and a solid launch are even more critical. The product manager is responsible for ensuring that the product meets customer needs and expectations. They need to have a deep understanding of the market and the competition. They also need to be able to create a vision for the product and align the team around it. Finally, the launch is also critical. A poor launch can doom a product before it even hits the shelves. On the other hand, a grand launch can help a product find its footing and succeed.