Innovative organisations have 22% more EBITDA growth

Booz & Co

The Booz & Co. (now Strategy&) 2011 Global Innovation 1000 report found that the most innovative organisations have 22% more EBITDA growth than their less creative counterparts. The report looked at various factors, including R&D spending, the number of patents filed, and the percentage of revenues from new products, to identify which companies are the most innovative. Not surprisingly, many of the most innovative companies are in the technology sector, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft. However, several traditional companies are making significant investments in innovation, such as GE and Procter & Gamble. The report underscores the importance of innovation for companies looking to grow their businesses. The report offers several recommendations for organisations that want to improve their innovation performance, including increasing R&D spending and investing in employee training. By following these recommendations, companies can position themselves for continued growth in the years ahead.