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Designing for pigs can be a highly complex and challenging process. Whether you are looking to create an innovative product line, maximize productivity, or simply modernize your existing facilities, there are countless factors to consider. Some essential considerations include feeding, platform weighers, and balance floor farrowing systems.

Other key areas of focus might include carcass removers, complete construction, drinking systems for pigs, electronic sow feeding, farrowing crates, pig feeders and feed systems, frost protection cables, gates and posts, heat pads and heat recovery, individual feeders, nursery cabins, panel timbers for pig buildings, pig floors with weighers and pig performance testing capabilities to ensure the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

Additionally, refurbishment and conversion options may also be needed from time to time in order to improve pig building ventilation or ensure smooth slurry handling and drainage processes.

And last but not least, no design would be complete without top-quality water fittings and pipes as well as weaner trolleys that allow for safe transportation of pigs at all stages of growth.

With their robust build and large activity needs, designing for pig-specific products can be quite a challenge.

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